“Chart %” window

Chart % is designed to compare exchange rates of several trade instruments.

The “Chart %” window displays percentage price charts of chosen trade instruments. At the beginning of the chosen timeframe the price of every instrument is taken for 100%. The chart will show the price change in % in relation to the initial value.

The “Chart %” window also contains the floating “Info Panel”, displaying the color of every instrument, and the quotes, corresponding to the current cursor position on the chart.

Opening “Chart %” window

To open “Chart %” window go to the “Chart % Parameters” window by doing one of the following:

  • Click “Chart %...” in the menu, which appears after right-clicking the corresponding line in the following windows: “Market watch”, “Sum open positions”, “Open positions”, “Orders”. You may also right-click an instrument name inside the “Instruments” folder in the “Navigator” window.
  • Go to “Trade –> Chart % …” in the menu bar.
  • Go to “Chart % –> Chart % …” in the menu bar if the button is active.

Customize the “Chart % Parameters %” window:

  1. Choose up to 10 instruments you want to analyze from the “Instruments” [“Instruments”] tree by putting ticks next to the instrument names. To accelerate search use the “Look for” field. It allows a user to sort out instruments that correspond to an entry template.
  2. Customize the following chart parameters:
  3. Press “ОК” to create a Chart % or “Cancel” to exit.

Customizing Chart %

To customize Chart % open the “Chart % Parameters” window by doing one of the following:

  • Right-click in the “Chart %”window and press “Parameters”.
  • Click the “Chart % ” window and press “Chart % –> Parameters ” in the menu bar.

Stopping Chart % data loading

If data in the “Chart %” window are loaded too slowly, you may stop downloading by doing one of the following:

  • Right-click in the “Chart %” window and “Stop chart loading”.
  • Press “Chart % –> Stop chart loading” in the menu bar.