Add your trading account (login, password)

If you already have a trading account at your broker’s, then all is left to do is add your login and a password of this account, so it is always quickly accessible to you.

Most of operations and modes of the trading terminal can be chosen by You in the Main Menu. You can access the Main Menu by using the home icon at the bottom of the screen.

Select «Register» in the main menu and as the question «What type of account do You want to create?» appears, select «Add existent».

The «Add login» window will appear. Activate the «On real account» field, if Your account is on the real trading server and unmark it in case it is on the demo server. Fill the fields «Login» and «Password» up. If you want to have your password saved, mark «Auto save password».

If you do not activate «Auto save password», You will have to enter Your password each time you try to connect the server.

You can always change this parameter, as it is available in «Connect to Trade Server» window.

If you made a mistake while typing in Your login and password and saved the wrong data, You can fix it by selecting «Settings» - «Logins» in the main menu. You can change Your login and password, delete Your account or add a new account.