«Graphical object list» window

The “Graphical object list” window allows a user to edit and remove graphical objects or select them in a chart window. To open the window, do one of the following:

  • Press the “Graphical object list” button in the “Chart instruments” toolbar.
  • Right-click a chart window and press “Graphical objects –> Graphical object list”.
  • Go to “Chart –> Graphical objects –> Graphical object list” in the menu bar.

The “Graphical object list” window contains the following elements:

  1. The list of graphical objects placed in a chart window. The element shows the name of a graphical object and the name of a chart window it is applied to. Graphical objects, selected on the chart window, are marked with ticks in the list. Marking an element in the list will select a graphical object on the chart window.
  2. The button which edits a graphical object chosen from #1 list. The button opens the “ properties” window (see "Editing graphical objects").
  3. The button which deletes graphical objects marked in #1 list.
  4. The button which selects all graphical objects in #1 list.
  5. The button which unselects all graphical objects in #1 list.
  6. The “Close” button