Position orders

If you want to close a position automatically on a certain price, then you have to bind special orders to the open positions. The order, which close an open position on a certain price with profit, is called "Take profit". The order, which close an open position on a certain price with loss, is called Stop loss". You can set two orders or one of them. A position with these orders is closed fully in all amount.

Order "Stop loss" could execute (and established) in the "Trailing-Stop" mode. This option provides a fixed distance Stop-loss orders of the market quotations currency pair. If the mode "Trailing-Stop" specified, while driving quotations upward price earnings Stop-loss orders shifted so that a desired distance (the order from the market) maintained, and when moving quotations in the price came down Stop-loss order is not changed.

You can set these orders and mode "Trailing-Stop" directly in the dialog box "Make deal", clicking a check mark in certain field and enter the activation price of order. You can also set (or change) these orders for the alreday open position - you can do it on the command "Positon" from the context menu in the line of a position.

On this command is called the window, in which you can set or change these orders and the distance "Trailing-Stop". Please pay attention that in an example on the picture we set orders to BUY position in the market price, so the price of Take-profit should be higher than the market price and "Stop-loss" - lower. Information about orders and the activity and the distance "Trailing-Stop" is shown in the window "Orders" and averages of order prices is shown in corresponding columes of the window "Positions".