List of instruments

You can always view list of the instruments available for trading, in the «Instrument Browser» mode by choosing «Settings» in the main menu.

Instruments in this list are united in groups for comfortable view and each instrument has its minimum deal volume specified: Min. Deal Volume.

You can include the instruments which are planned to be traded of for any other reason, to the list of instruments «Quotes».

Ending the instruments selection process, tap «Add selected» for adding selected instruments to the list.

Mark the «Close after add» if You decide to finish selection of the instruments.

You can use the «Look for» field to set the text filter for displaying the list of the instruments. For instance, You can type «AUD» to have instruments with Australian dollar displayed. In this case the text order in the title of the instrument does not matter if it is found in the title - the instrument will be displayed on the list.

The «Instruments in Use» mode is also available after the «Settings» entry is selected in the application main menu. This mode contains only the instruments You have already selected for Your list. Besides the instrument title, the trading conditions on each instrument are also displayed. These are:

  • Spread (pips)
  • Min. Order Distance (pips)
  • Min. Deal Volume