Besides of position orders the following orders are used in the NetTradex terminal:

  • Pending orders;
  • ОСО (one cancels other);
  • activation orders (orders activated after conditions are fulfilled)

For viewing and modifying orders, choose the «Orders» entry in the main menu.

Pending order is a formalized order given to a broker on making a deal as soon as the market price reaches for the order price.

Here you can set price levels for the positional order and set the «Lock» switch to the desired mode.

The «Lock» switched on, means that a new position will be open, out of dependence on already opened positions. If You switch the «Lock» off and make a deal, then in case of the “opposite” position those deals will be put together.

The «Duration» GTC means «Good Till Cancelled» in other words it exists unless You delete it. The «Daily» means that it exists only within a setting day and it will be deleted automatically when this day is done.