Viewing the history of trading operations and orders

By selecting «Account history» in the main menu, You can see the statement of trading operations on your trading account.

List of available operations on request:

  • Closure by short margin;
  • Commission;
  • Correction;
  • Deposit;
  • Position closure (full);
  • Position closure (partial);
  • Position opening;
  • Position profit/loss;
  • Position reopening;
  • Position unlock;
  • Swap;
  • Withdrawal.

You can use the «Filter» mode after request (accessible in the context menu by using a quick button) to change the request period.

The sorting mode via quick button is also accessible at the bottom of the screen.

Sorting may be as follows:

  • Deal ID;
  • Date/Time;
  • Record type;
  • Volume;
  • Instrument/Currency.