Main Window

The main window of the trade terminal has all the necessary elements to allow the user to solve all the trade and information objectives connected with managing accounts. The main window automatically saves and restores sizes positions and settings of all window of the terminal (see Settings).

The status line (in the bottom of main window) includes:

  • the ready check (“Ready”);
  • Date, time and price parameters bar (Open, High, Low, Close), if the cursor to the chart set at this bar;
  • the connection status with the trade server – for example, “Connected, last ping - 175”;
  • the connection status with the trade server icon;
  • the server trade time.

The line "Tool Bars" (above the main window) are icons to perform many operations. These icons are divided into 6 groups:

  • Make deals and set orders, call windows and reporting (account history and order history);
  • Parameters of active chart;
  • Periods of active chart;
  • Indicators of active chart;
  • Objects on the active chart.

There are various main types of windows in the terminal:

  • Make deal window;
  • Set order window;
  • Chart window;
  • Information windows;
  • Dialog windows to perform trade operations and manage orders.

The main menu bar consists of five branches:

  • File – consists of the following commands: "Connect", "Disconnect", “Open new account”, "Create existent login" and “Exit”. These allow the user to enter the dialog to create a new account. and finish work within the terminal, respectively.
  • View – consists of the following mode setting commands: “Menu Bar”, “Status Bar”, "Tool Bars", "Chart timeframes", that allow the user to decide to view the main menu and view the status bar at the bottom of the screen, as well as the commands that allow to open following windows: “Activity Log”, “Navigator”, “Market watch”, “Margin analysis”, “Sum open positions”, “Open positions”, “Orders” and commands to create reports for "Account history" and "Orders history";
  • Trade – consists of the following commands: “Make deal” , “Set order”, "Instruments in Use", "Instrument Browser", "Add alert" ;
  • Settings – consists of commands: “Terminal” (connection settings with the trade server), "Account properties (view account's details), “Change password” (allows to set new password to the account), “Change phone password” (allows to set new phone password to the account), "Set default UI layout (restoring default settings interface);
  • Window – consists of commands: “Cascade”, “Tile”, “Arrange Icons” and a set of lines (one per each opened window with chart), and "More Windows" to select one of the active chart;
  • Help – consists of commands: "Help" to call the site describing Terminal (in several languages), “About trade terminal…” (version information Terminal).