Closing a position

You may close a position in the “Close position” window. To open the window, do one of the following:

  • Double-click the corresponding line in the “Open positions” window.
  • Right-click the corresponding line in the “Open positions” window and press “Close position”.

In the “Close position” window:

  1. Set “Deviation” if necessary .
  2. Press “CLOSE”. Click “Cancel” to close the window without closing the position.

Execution result may be monitored in the “Trade Operation Result(s)” window. Close this window by pressing “OK”.

Mark the checkbox named “Don’t show trade operation result dialog” to stop the “Trade Operation Result(s)” window from appearing in the future. It may also be switched off in the main terminal settings (see “Trading settings”).

Deal at broker’s price

When closing a position, if a market price has changed, a user may receive a requote. The new offered price is displayed in the “New market price” pop-up window.

Broker’s offer is available for a limited time period. The remaining time is displayed in a separate area of the window.

Press the “BUY” or “SELL” buttons if you accept the new price or click “Cancel”.

The broker might offer a new price for the same deal several times.