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NetTradeX trading platform is a set of computer programs which enables to provide brokerage services of high quality to any number of clients in financial markets (Forex and others).

NetTradeX platform allows completely automatic performance of a brokerage company and includes the most up-to-date trading-analytical terminals for traders.

NetTradeX Trading Platform Structure


NetTradeX PC

NetTradeX Android

NetTradeX iOS

NetTradeX Mobile

NetTradeX Advisors







Trading Server


Broker Terminal

Manager Terminal


Risk Manager


NetTradeX trading server – trading operations processing, storage of trading history, accounts and trading conditions

Broker Terminal – used for managing clients’ trading operations

Manager Terminal - management of clients’ trading accounts, financial instruments and additional operations

Risk Manager – to monitor client’s total position both overall in the company and in any combination with group of clients

Proxy – the usage of proxy-server to connect to NetTradeX trading server

NetTradeX PC – trader’s trading-analytical terminal

NetTradeX Advisors – The additional trader’s terminal, apart from common functional of trading and working with charts, provides automated trading with Advisors and graphical interface for managing positions and orders.

NetTradeX Android – a mobile version of trader’s terminal for Android device

NetTradeX iOS – a mobile version for trader’s terminal for iOS devices

NetTradeX Mobile – a mobile version of trader’s terminal for Windows Mobile device

The possibility to manage several trading flows on one trading server NetTradeX allows the broker to offer its clients accounts with various trading instruments and conditions. NetTradeX platform has no limitation in the number of trading flows.

Simple and user-friendly interface of program modules of Broker Terminal, Manager Terminal and Risk Manager enables employees of the company to manage clients’ accounts, handle trading operations, set up financial instruments and trading conditions with no delay.

CFD financial instruments are also supported by NetTradeX platform, including Stock CFDs, commodity and index CFDs that significantly expand the broker’s list of instruments. NetTradeX platform has no limitation in the number of trading instruments.

NetTradex trading platform maintains a high level of functional stability and security owing to the use of several backup servers. The replication of data to backup servers is performed in the real time. NetTradeX trading platform uses industrial DBMS to store data.

The access to the trading server is provided through proxy-servers. It allows high speed, safe and secure access of traders to the trading server from anywhere in the world. In case of losing server’s functionality the clients’ terminals are automatically switched to another proxy-server. NetTradex trading platform has no limitation in the number of servers used, which allows to easily scale and distribute the load within the platform.

High detalization of access right identification for each manager provides effective work with data within the company’s staff competence.

Multilingual support of trading terminals provides the company’s clients with an opportunity to trade in a preferred language atmosphere.

NetTradeX trading platform allows clients making deals with any volume in units of base currency in contrast to some other trading platforms, where trading is performed in lots.

NetTradeX trading platform provides Introducing Brokers with automatic support and each such a broker can use the special IB Manager Terminal with a wide range of functions.

The company’s clients can use mobile versions of the trade terminal for devices operating on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Mobile versions have a full set of trade functions and means of account management.

The inbuilt TSM module enables to thoroughly monitor several accounts and flows simultaneously in order to determine any malfunction or price deviation and immediately signal the broker's employees about such events.