NetTradeX trading platform is a complex of software products designed for trading in financial market. NetTradeX platform has a broad functionality that is necessary for traders to trade effectively and for brokeragecompanies to provide the widest possible range of services and high-quality customer service.

Trading Terminal NetTradeX has the following key features:

  • User-friendly interface with workspace management capabilities
  • A set of orders, including Trailing Stop which is implemented on the server
  • A wide choice of technical indicators
  • Ability to make a deal with 1 click
  • High degree of protection of personal and trade information

For traders’ comfort in the terminal not only the mechanism of watching quotations, immediate delivery of news on the major economic events, a detailed history of the account and balance operations have been implemented, but also the ability to withdraw funds instantly. And all of these features are also implemented in the mobile versions of the terminal.

Currently the following versions of NetTradeX terminal are available:

NetTradeX PC – trading-analytic terminal

NetTradeX Android –mobile version for Android OS devices

NetTradeX iOS – mobile version for iOS devices

NetTradeX Mobile – mobile version for Windows Mobile OS devices

Additional terminal for Windows: NetTradeX Advisors – The additional trading terminal, apart from common functional of trading and working with charts, provides automated trading with Advisors and graphical interface for managing positions and orders.

NetTradeX fully meets all the requirements that brokers impose on trading systems, allowing performing a wide range of tasks automatically.

NetTradeX includes a complete set of components needed for performing brokerage services in financial market. To perform manager functions for customer service, dealer operation and risk management, the following software was developed:

Broker Terminal – for performing clients’ trading operations

Manager Terminal – administration of client accounts, financial instruments and other trading conditions

Risk Manager – monitoring of client's all positions, both in the whole company, and in any combination of client groups

Simple and user-friendly interface of software modules in Broker Terminal, Manager Terminal and Risk Manager allows the company staff to administer client accounts, process trading operations, set up financial instruments and trading conditions, etc.