Charts history management

To manage the database of the charts history which is stored on your computer you can apply the following options:

  • The 'Refresh' function. By clicking with the right button of the mouse on the chart window and pressing the 'Refresh' button you can remove from the database all the data of the selected chart window (instrument + time interval) and reload data from the server for the same instrument + the time interval. Current settings of each updated window will be saved.
  • Via the menu 'Settings' — 'Terminal' — 'Miscellaneous' in the 'Charts History' section you can set the following parameters:
  • In the "Charts history depth [Bar]" you can set the quantity of bars to be displayed from >=100 bars to unlimited.
  • Using the 'Reduce history' option you can set the parameter at what moment the chart history should be reduced:
    • "After disconnect" - the database reduction will be made automatically once you disconnect or close the program.
    • "Before connect" - the database reduction will be made automatically once the connection to the Trade Terminal is established.
    • "Manually only" - the reduction will not be made automatically, but it can be made manually (to the previously set history depth).
  • The "Reduce history depth to preset value" button. Through pressing this button you can reduce the graphic history up to the selected depth. If the unlimited depth was selected ( "Unlimited"), the button will be disabled.
  • Through pressing the "Delete all history" button you can remove and renew the database file, and re-load the minimum necessary information for charts open windows.

While reducing the database of several charts, or of the entire database the following dilogue box will appear:

  • "History reducing...";
  • Progress Bar;
  • The "Cancel" button which allows to abort the process.

While updating the information of just one chart the dialogue box does not appear.