Special Functions

There are three special functions with predefined names in the NetTradeX language. These functions are the points of entry and invoked by the core of the system:

  • int Initialize() - invoked once when initializing the script
  • int Run() - main entry point (invoked every symbol tick for the symbol to which the script is attached)
  • int DeInitialize() - invoked once on deinitialization and may serve for finalizing actions.

When the function finishes successfully, it is recommended to return positive values (0 and more) and in case of invalid operations - negative. If the Run() function in the expert returns a negative value, it stops operating.

Execution time of every function should not exceed 60 seconds, otherwise the function will be terminated automatically.

Currently there are some limitations imposed upon the script implementation: the script must not carry more than 75 trading requests per minute; when this limit is exceeded, the server requests will be rejected. In the future, this restriction will be lifted.