Error Codes

Error codes of client's operations are obtained using the property System.LastError;

Error description

# codedescription
1 Trades are suspended, try again later.
2 Trades by this currency are suspended, try again later.
3 Deal not in trade time
4 This account has no rights to trade this instrument
5 Not enough free margin
6 Incorrect deal price
7 Incorrect deal volume
8 Volume is too big
9 Trade under the account is forbidden
10 Not enough rights
11 Internal error
12 Invalid parameter
13 Incorrect parameter(s) in order 1
14 Incorrect parameter(s) in order 2
15 Incorrect parameter(s) in order 3
16 The second order is too close to the first
17 The order is too close to the market
18 No any order. Second level orders are missing.
19 Order not found
20 Internal error: 6
21 WM-error
22-24 Internal error
25 Incorrect command
26 Price changed
27 Request timeout
28-29 Internal error
30 Order already deleted
31 Too many records. Specify additional search condition(s)
32 Unknown open position
33 Positions must be opposite
34 Volume is too small
35 Invalid price
36 Only for real accounts
37 Incorrect amount value
38 Chosen way of money withdrawal is inaccessible
39 Unknown withdrawal request
40 Specified withdrawal request can't be cancelled
41 String is too long
42 Equity is too big
43 Order in the market. An attempt to change the order that is being processed.
44 Incorrect old password
45 Object not found
46 The version, which you use, will expire soon. You need to update your program immediately
47 Trailing-stop distance is too small
48 Too many orders
49 Incorrect price of stop order
50 Incorrect price of limit order
51 News is unavailable
52 Requested news feed is not available
53 Not enough money to purchase the news subscription