How to Work with Charts

Operations with the charts of “Chart %” are performed:

  • Through the pop-up menu, called by right-clicking on the chart.
  • Through the command of “Chart %” option of the main menu.
  • Through the command of instrument panel.

In the pop-up menu the following commands are available:

  • “Parameters” – changing the parameters of “Chart %” window, by calling “Chart % Parameters” window;
  • “Interval” – specifying the period (H4, D1, W1);
  • “Crosshair/Measurer” – turning on the mode of viewing the chart in Crosshair/Measurer (the mode is turned off by left-clicking);
  • “Stop chart loading” – stop loading the data into the window;
  • “Show”:
    • “Grid” – display of the grid;
    • “Info Panel” – display of the floating “Info Panel”;
  • “Autoscale [%]”– autoscale by vertical axis;
  • “Refresh” – refreshing the window content;
  • “Print” – printing;
  • “Print preview” – previewing before printing;
  • “Export” – exporting the content of the window, including to the file in CSV format “Export – > To CSV file”.
  • “Settings” – setting the parameters of displaying charts, including the colors of the lines.