How to Set OCO Order

After selecting “OCO” (One Cancels Other) bookmark in dialog window, select the financial instrument you wish to operate with from the list through clicking on the arrow or via the Instrument Browser (the [...] button). The current quotation of this instrument (Bid/Ask) will then be shown in special field of the window.

The user needs to select the duration – GTC or Daily.

The user should enter the following information for both the first and second order.

  • The price of execution;
  • The currency volume of the transaction;
  • Whether it is a BUY or SELL;
  • The lock mode (mark in the “Lock” field).

Notice that additional attached orders, such as Take-profit and Stop-loss cannot be added to OCO orders.

At the bottom part of the screen there is text description of the operation factors selected by user. It is recommended that the user compares this description to the actions that are expected from the server.

After all the operation factors are entered, the user needs click the “Ok” button. The dialog window will be blocked until a response is received from the server.