Adding existent login

To add existent login to the terminal you are supposed to:

1.Go to “File –> Add existent login”.

2.Enter the existent account login in the “Adding existent login – step 1” window.

3.Press the “Next” button.

4.Choose the account type from the drop-down list in the “Adding existent login – step 2” window.

5.Press the “Next” button.

6.If you want to be authorized automatically put a tick in “Save password” and enter the password you set during registration. Skip this step if you don’t want the system to store your password. (“Adding existent login – step 3” window).

7.Press the “Next” button..

8.Select source by choosing a ready-made template of your workspace from the drop-down menu or clicking “Empty” in the “Adding existent login – step 4” window. You may enter a new workspace name or use the default one.

9.To complete the procedure click “Done”.