Opening a new demo account

To open a new demo account:

1.Go to “File –> Open new account”.

2.Press “Open demo account” in the “Select account type” window.

3.Press the “Next” button

4.In the “New demo account opening – step 1: Trading account information” window set your personal information and account settings in the following fields:

  • •“First name*”.
  • •“Last name*”.
  • •“Country*”.
  • •“E-Mail Address*”.
  • •“Phone number(s)”.
  • •“Account type” (set by default and cannot be changed).
  • •“Leverage” (set by default but can be changed);
  • •“Deposit” (set by default but can be changed);

Поля, отмеченные *, обязательны для заполнения.

5.Enter the confirmation code you see on the picture.

6.Click the “Next” button.

Please note: if any required field is missing you will receive error message.

7.Select source by choosing a ready-made template of your workspace from the drop-down menu or clicking “Empty” in the “New demo account opening – step 2: Creating a new workspace” window. You may enter a new workspace name or use the default one.

8.Press the “Next” button.

9. In the opened window (“New demo account opening – step 3: Account created”) you will see your new account details such as account ID and type, login, password and phone password. Please keep this data in a safe place and tick “Yes, I am sure that this data is saved”. If you want your password to be saved automatically, please put another tick in the “Auto save password” checkbox below.

10.To complete the procedure click “Done”.