Installing Graphical object “Fibonacci Time Zones” on NetTradeX platform

  1. With the help of command “Graphical objects” (from the context menu or with the help of the button situated on main mage) user can choose “Fibonacci Time Zones” and set it on the chart. For moving the object on the chart, mouse hoover must be used by pushing and holding left click of the mouse (object is highlighted with color and signs).

  2. From the context menu on the chart, with the command "List of graphics" a dialog window with the displayed object (Fibonacci Time Zones) can be opened. Highlighting the object, it can be edited or deleted.

  3. With the help of command “Edit” dialogue window “Fibonacci Time Zones properties” can be opened which consists of two parts; “Data” and “View”.

  4. After setting parameters press the button “Apply” and object will be illustrated on the chart.

  5. For deleting the object from the graphic, highlight it and press the button “DELETE”.