Margin Analysis

"Margin analysis" window.

The Margin analysis” window displays current state of a trade account.

The window contains the following fields:

  • “Account balance” – the amount of funds on an account.
  • “Profit/loss” – total profit/loss regarding all open positions.
  • “Equity” – the amount of funds on an account regarding to profit/loss of open positions.
  • “Margin” – the amount of borrowed funds that secure opened positions.
  • “Free margin” – the amount of free funds available as collateral for opening new positions.
  • “Margin level” – equity to margin ratio.
  • “Total available position” – the maximum position volume which a user can open using the available funds.
  • “Leverage” – the leverage set on this account.

For setting up design styles of the window and its location on the screen see “Setting terminal elements display”.