Open Positions

«Open positions» window

The “Open positions” window displays detailed data on open positions.

It contains the following columns:

  • “Instrument” – the name of a trading instrument. In case this is a PCI (Personal Composite Instrument), you will see “+” on the left from the instrument name. After pressing it, you will see all the base instruments composing a PCI.
  • “Direction” – the position direction.
  • “Volume1” – open position volume in base currency.
  • “Volume2” – open position volume in quote currency.
  • “Open rate” – position opening price.
  • “Cur. rate” – trading instrument current price.
  • “P/L sec.” – profit/loss in quote currency.
  • “Stop loss” – Stop loss order activation price.
  • “Take profit” – Take profit order activation price.
  • “T/S Distance” – Trailing stop level.
  • “Last swap” – the latest accrued swap.
  • “Open time” – position opening time.
  • “Deal ID” – position identification number.
  • “P/L pips” – profit/loss in pips of a quote currency. This column is not displayed by default.

Volumes are marked with negative and positive signs. When a Buy position is opened, the quote currency will be marked with “-”. When a Sell position is opened, the base currency will be marked with “-”.

For setting up design styles of the window, changing the layout of its columns and rows, as well as setting the window location on the screen see “Setting terminal elements display”. See ”Trading” section to learn in details how to make a deal. The window supports export function.