Sum Open Positions

«Sum open positions» window

The window displays detailed information on the current open positions for any instrument in use. It takes into consideration both single and multiple positions regarding an instrument chosen.

It contains the following columns:

  • “Instrument” – the name of a trading instrument.
  • “Volume1” – total volume of open positions in base currency (+/-).
  • “Volume2” – total volume of open positions in quote currency (+/-).
  • “Volume1 (lock)” – two summarized volumes in base currency: the first one is the total of Buy positions, the second one is the total of Sell positions.
  • “Avg. rate” – the average opening price of a position (average weighted opening price of all the components in open positions).
  • “Cur. rate” – current price of a trading instrument.
  • “P/L sec.” – profit/loss in quote currency.
  • “P/L bal.” – profit/loss in account currency.

Volumes are marked with negative and positive signs. When a Buy position is opened, the quote currency will be marked with “-”. When a Sell position is opened, the base currency will be marked with “-”.

The summarized result of every position in the currency of an account is displayed in the last “P/L bal.” column.

You may switch to the “Opened only” mode in this window. When it is turned off, the window displays every available trading instrument. When it is turned on, you will see only the instruments that have opened positions. To switch on/off the mode, right-click in the window and press “Opened only”.

For setting up design styles of the window, changing the layout of its columns and rows, as well as setting the window location on the screen see “Setting terminal elements display”. For setting the list of “Instruments in use” see ”Trading instruments”.