Withdrawal Requests

"Withdrawal requests" window

The window displays detailed information on withdrawal requests.

The window contains the following columns:

  • “Operation ID” – request identification number..
  • “Status” – request status.
  • “Created” – date and time when a request was created.
  • “Closed” – date when a request was executed or cancelled.
  • “Volume” – the sum of funds withdrawn.
  • “Currency” – the currency of funds withdrawn.
  • “Method” – a withdrawal method chosen by a user.
  • “Client comments” – client’s comments to a request.
  • “Manager comments” – manager’s comments to a request.

For setting up design styles of the window, changing the layout of its columns and rows, as well as setting the window location on the screen see “Setting terminal elements display” .See “Withdrawal requests” section to learn in detail how to withdraw funds.