Graphical objects

How to view the list of set graphical objects

Graphical objects may be browsed in the “Graphical object list”. To open it click the “Graphical object list” button in the “Chart instruments” toolbar.


How to set a graphical object

To set a graphical object:

  1. Press the corresponding object button in the “Chart instruments” toolbar.
  2. Place the object in the chart area using the mouse.


How to edit a graphical object

A graphical object may be relocated by mouse-dragging. If a number of objects is selected, all of them will be relocated.

To edit a graphical object:

  1. Double-click a graphical object.
  2. Change properties in the “ properties” window.
  3. Confirm by pressing “OK”.


How to delete a graphical object

To delete a graphical object:

  1. Click a graphical object on a chart. Several graphical objects may be selected simultaneously. The second click on a selected object will unselect it.
  2. Press the “Del” key.