Language System Objects

NetTradeX language uses a bunch of objects to provide basic functionality. Each object has methods and/or properties that are described in the relevant sections of the language manual.

Basic language objects:

Systemsystem functions, such as log output or getting the current server time
Accountaccess to account settings and properties
Chartaccess to chart properties for the chart to which the script is attached
Symbolsaccess to symbols and their properties
Dealsoperating deals and their properties
Ordersoperating orders and their properties
Indicatorcustom indicator state management
Indicatorsgetting values of the built-in indicators
Open, High, Low, Close, Timeglobal arrays of bars of the chart symbol for the chart to which the script is attached
Barsaccess to the history bars of symbols
Historyaccess to the deals history
Globalsoperating global variables of the client terminal