News viewing

The "News"information window displays the list of news messages. Latest news is displayed on top. News content may be displayed:

  • In a separate pane of the “News” information window, when choosing the corresponding news from the list. Go to the ““News” window” section to customize the layout of this panel.
  • In the “News story” window which can be opened separately for each news story. To open the window, do one of the following:
    • Double-click the corresponding news story in the “News” information window.
    • Right-click the corresponding news item in the “News” information window or in the news contents displayed in a separate pane. Press “News story”.

The news contents can be selected either in whole or in part. To select the whole news story content, right-click the news body in the “News” information window or in the “News story” window. Press “Select all”.

The contextual menu for the selected news part allows a user to:

  • “Copy”
  • “Select all”
  • “Print”

Right-click in the “News” information window or in any “News story” window and press “Select all” to close all “News story” windows.