Open positions and orders

Individual modes for viewing open positions and placed (set) orders are available in the program.

You can view open positions in the modes such as: «Open positions» and «Sum open positions», that can be selected in the main menu of the terminal.

In the «Sum open positions» mode, You can only view info of open positions grouped for instruments. The «Open positions» mode contains additional feauters such as: «Close position», «Position order(s)», «Unlock positions».

In case You have several positions of the same direction< You can open an opposite position with summary volume to close those positions quickly.

Select the «Unlock positions» mode after opening. Positions of opposite direction will be “summarized”. Sorting positions is available by using a quick button at the bottom of the screen.

Sorting can be performed by following categories:

  • Deal ID;
  • Direction;
  • Instrument;
  • Profit/Loss;
  • Volume1.

View placed (set) orders can be performed in the «Orders» of the main menu. If You tap and hold any order, the context menu allowing modifying or deleting this order will be displayed. You can change the sorting type for orders by using a quick button at the bottom of the screen.

Available sorting parameters:

  • Direction;
  • Duration;
  • Instrument;
  • Lock;
  • Stop/Limit;
  • Volume1

Sorting significantly eases the searching process for a certain orders as a number of orders can be high.

You can always access a full and detailed information about all placed (set), deleted and cancelled orders in the «Order history» mode.