How to Change Orders

Most active or non active orders can be modified or replaced. However, market orders cannot be replaced. If one order is modified from a bunch, then (“OCO”, “Active”) the whole bunch will be modified, as well.

To replace an order, the user needs to enter the context menu by clicking on the line of chosen order in the “Orders” window, and then choose the “Edit” command. This will result in the opening of the “Pending” dialog window.

In a separate field of the window the name of financial instrument and its current quotation (Bid/Ask) will be shown.

The user must then fill in the following fields of the window:

  • the duration – GTC or Daily;
  • the price;
  • the volume of transaction;
  • whether it is a BUY or SELL;
  • the lock mode (mark the “Lock” field);
  • the position order Take-profit – mark in a special field and price;
  • the position order Stop-loss – mark in a special field and price;
  • the mode “Trailing Stop distance”– mark in a special field and distance.


Notice, that all fields should be filled in with “old” values of modifying volumes (or, in case if this value were not entered, the fields should remain “Empty”).

At the bottom of the screen, an information field containing the currents values of main operation factors will be shown.

Once the order has been modified press the “Ok” button and wait for the acknowledgement from the server. The dialog window will be closed as soon as the acknowledgement from the server is received. You can abort the dialog by pressing the “Cancel” button.

If there is a mistake in the modification (for example, the position order is set on the wrong level), an “Error” information window will be shown, containing a message with detailed information about the mistake. This window can be closed buy pressing “Ok” button.

If the modification is correct, then the “Success” information window will be shown containing all the new operation factors of the order. This window can also be closed by pressing the “Ok” button.