How to Close the Opened Position

How to Close the Opened Position

The execution of orders leads to the opening or closing of positions. A position can be closed due to the execution of one of the linked orders. It can also be closed by an opposing position in balance trade mode if the lock mode is not engaged. Finally, a position can simply be closed by the user.

The user can access the “Close position” dialog window through the context menu (click on the line of appropriate position) in the “Open positions” information window.

In this window, a “Close” button will appear along with a suggested current close price (close of BUY position is made by ASK price, close of SELL position is made by BID price). Furthermore, a field with the name of the financial instrument, the server’s position number and the volume of the position in the first and second currencies will appear.

Also by marking “By any price” field, the user can close the position whether or not the allowable deviation or any suggested price is reached. To set a deviation level, the user needs to choose an allowable deviation in pips (from suggested list) or select “Any” i.e. “by any price”.

To close the position, the user must press the “CLOSE” button. The window is locked until a response is received from the trade server. The execution of deleting is not shown in special information field.

The dialog can be terminated and the process of deleting is aborted by pressing the “Cancel” button.