Positions Unlock

If the user has opened opposite positions over any financial instruments (i.e. at the moment of position opening “Lock” mode was turn on) then user can perform an “Unlock” operation of any opposite currency pair. As a result of this operation, the volumes of first and second positions will be summed and a new position of summed volume will appear. The volume of this new position will depend on the BUY and SELL volumes of initial positions. For example, the sum volume will be smaller and new position will be SELL, if the initial SELL position is bigger than the initial BUY position. In this mode, it is impossible to unlock two BUY positions or two SELL positions. If there is a need to unlock more than two positions, then operation should be made several times.

During the “Unlock” server will perform following operation:

  • close the position of bigger volume (in case if positions are equal, then either of the positions will be closed) at the open price. A zero balance will result;
  • close second position due to the open price of first position and the result will be added to the balance;
  • open a position with the volume equal to the difference of volumes between first and second positions with the direction towards the biggest of two initial positions, due to the opening price of bigger position.

If initial positions have equal volumes, then there will no new position opened.

The “Unlock position” dialog window can be accessed through the context menu from “Open positions” information window. First, the user should select the two lines of the positions that he/she wishes to unlock (while holding the “Ctrl” button, click with the left mouse button on the lines of needed position), and then with a click enter the context menu and select “Unlock position” command.

In the opened window, the user will see the “Unlock” button and the information field with the name of financial instrument and the server position number with the volume in first and second currencies due to the open prices. The operation is performed by pressing the “Unlock” button. The dialog window will be blocked until a response is received from the server.

The result of the operation will be shown in special information window (this window can be closed by pressing the “Ok” button) which includes comments and:

  • the name of the financial instrument;
  • the close operation factors of the first and second positions (operation number, volume, link to the number of open position operation, indicator of partly or fully close);
  • the operation factors of balance operation and result sum of unlock.