How to Set Indicators

With the help of “Set indicator” command (from the context menu)  or on the button at the top of the main window the user opens “Set indicator” dialog window, which consists of two parts – “Available indicators” and “Indicator targets”.

The first (left) part includes a list of indicators; and the second (right)  – shows indicators, which have already been selected for the chart. It is presented like a “tree” with the name of financial instrument first, followed by a group of indicators.

The user marks the desired indicator in the first part of the window and the name of instrument or the name of indicator in second part. Some indicators can be made simultaneously with others (in this case “Indicator target” field is marked with indicator).

The user must then press the “Ok” button (or “Cancel” button to abort the dialog) to open window for setting indicator’s operation factors.

After setting of the indicator’s operation factors, the user needs to press the “Ok” button and indicator will be shown in the chart’s window or in the additional box below graphics.