Using templates

Template is a set of settings for a certain object. Templates are used for quick creation of a group of settings for some object. Templates may be used when creating new objects or changing the existent ones.

In the trading platform templates can be applied to the following object types:

  • Workspaces
  • Charts
  • Colors and fonts settings

All templates can be divided into two groups:

  • Pre-defined: are the templates that have been prepared by the developers and are a part of the distributive.
  • User: templates created by users.

When a template is applied for creating or changing any object settings there is no association between the object and the template. Changing the template will not affect the objects to which the template has been applied before.

Templates are not associated with logins and are not a part of any certain workspace.

Templates are not associated with trading accounts. Any template created on the base of one trading account can be used for the other trading account (although it may not not work correctly).

Pre-defined template’s properties

In the trading terminal’s distributive some set of the pre-defined templates is included. This templates have fixed names

Pre-defined templates can be:

  • Changed
  • Hidden

Pre-defined templates can not be:

  • Created
  • Renamed
  • Deleted

Pre-determined templates can be changed. Although the initial state of the pre-defined template can be always restored.

There are several types of the pre-determined templates:

  • Workspace templates
  • Chart templates
  • Colors and fonts templates

User template’s properties

Along with pre-defined templates there are user (created by users) templates.

User templates can be:

  • Created
  • Changed
  • Renamed
  • Deleted
  • Hidden