«Workspaces» window

The “Workspaces” window allows a user to manage workspaces. To open the window, go to “File –> Workspaces –> Manage workspaces…” in the menu bar.

The “Workspaces” window contains the following elements:

  1. The list of workspaces.
  2. The button adding a new workspace. After clicking the “New…” button, the “Adding a workspace” window is opened ( see "Adding a new workspace").
  3. The button renaming a workspace chosen in #1 list.
  4. The button deleting a workspace chosen in #1 list.
  5. The pane displaying a workspace preview.
  6. The button saving a workspace in #1 list as a template. After clicking the “Save as a template…” button, the “Adding a workspace template” window is opened (see "Workspace templates").
  7. The “Close” button.