«Alerts» window

The “Alerts” window displays detailed information on alerts set in the terminal.

It contains the following columns:

  • “Event” – the type of event an alert is attached to.
  • “Condition” – the condition which triggers the alert.
  • “Instrument” – a trading instrument an alert is attached to.
  • “State” – alert state.
  • “Actuation Count” – how many times an alert has already been triggered.
  • “Last Actuation Time” – date and time when the latest alert was triggered.
  • “Show Message” – shows whether a message on alert actuation is displayed or not.
  • “Sound” – filename for the sound file to be played when an alert is triggered.
  • “Notification repeat number” – how many times an alert is repeated.
  • “Repeat interval” – the interval between repetitions of an alert.
  • “Creation time” –the alert placing time.
  • “Finish after the first actuation” – shows whether an alert is cancelled after the first actuation or not.
  • “Valid through” – date and time until alert is valid.

For setting up design styles of the window, changing the layout of its columns and rows, as well as setting the window location on the screen see “Setting terminal elements display”. See “Alerts” section to learn in detail how to set alerts.