“Quick deal” window

The “Quick deal” window like the “Make deal” window allows opening a position, but has less parameters to set. The “Quick deal” window has the following advantages: its location and size parameters are saved in the terminal and it is not closed after a trade is made. It may be used as an interface element (see “Setting window size and layout”).

To open the “Quick deal” window, do one of the following:

  • Right-click in a chart window and press “Quick deal window”.
  • Right-click the necessary line in the following windows: “Market watch”, “Sum open positions”, “Account History Report”, “Orders History Report”. Press “Quick deal window”.
  • Right-click an instrument from the “Instruments” folder in the “Navigator” window. Press “Quick deal window”.

The “Quick deal” window contains the following elements:

  1. The button ordering to buy at the displayed price.
  2. The button ordering to sell at the displayed price.
  3. Volume input field.
  4. Locking checkbox. The mode is unavailable for PCI.

If a deal is made in the “Quick deal” window, the terminal addresses to the default deviation parameter. It may be customized in terminal settings (see “Trading settings” ).