Breaking down PCI position

A PCI position may be broken down into separate positions. In this case a PCI position is disbanded and basic positions that composed it become regular open positions. Right-click a PCI position in the “Open positions” window and press “Break down PCI position”.

Apart from being initiated by a user, a breakdown may be triggered by the system. Since a user may carry out any trades with every position within a PCI, if any position of such a kind is closed, the whole PCI position is broken down. If an action leads to the PCI breakdown, a warning message will appear.

Press “OK” to confirm or “Cancel” to close the window. After PCI position breakdown a notice appears. Close it by pressing “OK”.

Warning messages and notifications may be turned on/off by putting ticks in corresponding checkboxes or changing corresponding parameters in terminal settings (see «Setting notification windows when PCI position is broken»).