Working through proxy

The Trade Terminal can work through Proxy-server, which creates a bridge link between your computer and our server. Most often it is from the Internet service provider or local area network. To establish the connection through Proxy click on "Settings" - select "Network" - tick the 'Enable proxy' check box and press " Proxy...". In the 'Proxy settings' window you need to enter the proxy server address, port, type (HTTP, SOCKS5, SOCKS4) and (if necessary) login and password of access to the proxy server (you can get this information from your Internet service provider or system administrator) and press "OK".

Additionally, in case there is no connection or incorrect work, you have to check the tuning of the firewall of the proxy-server and do the following:

1. To work with the real account: open in the firewall of the proxy-server the ports: 80 (HTTP, TCP, outgoing), 21 (FTP, TCP, outgoing), 1441 (TCP, outgoing), 1442 (TCP, outgoing).

2. To work with the demo-account: open in the firewall of the proxy-server the ports: 8080 (Socks4, TCP, outgoing), 1443 (TCP, outgoing).