Market Order in the “Quick deal Window"

Market Order in the “Quick deal Window"

A simplified dialog window marked as “Name of currency pair - Deal” is available to perform a fast transaction over a currency pair. This window can be opened through context menu in the several ways:

  • through the information windows “Navigator” and “Market watch” (right click on the line containing the instruments name)
  • through “Chart” of appropriate currency pair .
  • through the information windows “Market watch”, “Sum open position“, ”Open positions”, “Account history”, “Orders”, “Orders history”

In this window the user is presented with a definite currency pair and two suggested prices

This is distinct from “Make deal, ” as there are no fields for setting linked orders or for allowable price variation.

To perform a transaction the user must enter the sum of transaction’s currency, and then click the “SELL” or “BUY” button. The transaction window will be blocked until the trade server's response is received. The result of operation performing is shown in a special information window.